Computer Tuning

To get the most out of every modification, your vehicle needs to be professionally tuned. 'Signature Performance' has one of the most high-tech and up to date tuning devices available. With this, we are able to keep careful observation of air/fuel ratios, exhaust temperatures, air temperatures, knock sensors and boost levels, to extract every ounce of power from your car. Whether it is on the Dyno, on the track or on the road, 'Signature Performance' gets the results you are after. 

  • Haltec

  • Wolf

  • Motec

  • Apexi

  • Microtech

  •  datalog01.jpg
    Data Logged cruise mixtures, showing a stoichametric ration 14.7:1



    Tuning the fuel Mixtures in 3D

    Extracting power from the Ignition Timing